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  • Training, Walking & Other services


    We all want the perfect dog.  But it takes time, effort and patience to achieve that dream.

    Wouldn't life be so much easier if you could be out and about with your dog, confident that they'll listen to you when you call them back to your side?

    Imagine sitting at your local café sharing a coffee and a sneaky chocolate tart with friends, having your angel lying quietly at your feet and not taking any notice of what or who walks by.

    How about having peace of mind that family members are confident and safe knowing that they won't end up being dragged down the road by your dog lead pulling?

    Maybe you are struggling with your dog barking incessantly every time visitors knock at your door?

    K9 FUNdamentals can help you by offering training using positive reinforcement and reducing the unwanted behaviour your dog is showing. 

    Our initial consultation takes approximately an hour. What we will cover off is:

    >  Discuss with you the issues you would like addressed
    >  We will conduct an observational assessment
    >  From there we'll work out an initial plan for training your dog

    If you want balance back by having FUN and getting the FUNdamentals right with your dog, then please get in contact us for a consultation. 


    The breed, age, size and health of your dog will determine the type and length of daily exercise they should be getting.  But a general rule is that you should spend between 30 minutes to two hours on physical exercise and mental stimulation every day. 

    We all know life gets busy and sometimes fitting in that exercise routine can be difficult. 

    K9 FUNdamentals believe all dogs should have a healthy mix of exercise and fun. Spending quality time with your dog is important to us.  This is why we focus on walking one-on-one dog walking*.  We don't offer group dog walks as we specialise in providing your pooch with our full attention and providing them with the exercise type they need.  By spending quality time with your dog ensures they get to know and trust us, and we get to understand their individual needs and little quirks.

    Walks are based around the area that you are located in - there are plenty of streets, parks, green areas and tracks to be investigated.  On our walks we are constantly interacting with your dog - whether it's chatting away to them and encouraging them during their adventure or with ball/toy play to keep their minds active.

    By the way don't worry about missing out on the fun and adventure your dog gets up to.  We keep you up to date by inviting you to join a Facebook group where we post pictures of their walks and play.   

    If you have a dog that needs walking then please contact us.  We can arrange time to meet and discuss how we can help you have even more FUN with your dog. 

    * If you have two dogs from the same household, then we can discuss walking options. 


    It can be hard when your dog needs to take things slowly or is rehabilitating from an injury or surgery.  For rehabilitation there is generally recommended exercises from your vet that you need to make sure are done. There will also be follow up appointments to attend and medication that needs to be given.  You're left wondering how you can find time to sneak away from work or turn down that get together with friends to help your dog heal.

    This is where we can step in to help.  We will follow the rehabilitation routine outlined by your vet and take the stress out of getting your dog to all appointments.

    Give us a call and we can discuss your dog's requirements.