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Training services can occur on weekends

  • Training, Walking & Other services


    Initial Consultation - $110.00:

    60 minute session to discuss the issues you would like addressed; observational assessment; and an initial training plan.

    Training - FUN - $90.00 per hour

    Must complete the initial consultation first.  60 minutes per session: these are a continuation of our initial consultation with you.  Each session is tailored to your dogs training needs.

    Train & Walk FUN - $50.00 per 30 mins

    This service is only available for my TRAINING clients.

    30 min Training Walks are available for customers who are currently TRAINING with me and need help reinforcing this training throughout the week.


    Fun Walk - $30.00

    30-40 minutes: Walk around the streets or to a local grassed/ bush area.  All walking is on leash, either short leash or long line depending on where the walk is.

    Fun Walk extended - $55.00

    60 minutes: Longer walk with ball/toy play to keep their minds active and curious.

    Puppy FUN - $30.00

    30 minutes: This includes a walk, some manners training and a good old fashioned play.  If your puppy is still on 3 feeds a day, we can help out with that too.  Please note:  puppies that are not fully vaccinated will be walked and played with at your property. 

    Senior FUN - $30.00

    30-40 minutes: Gentle meander around the block, the park or just around your back yard.  You let us know what your senior would prefer.  Maybe it's just a toilet break, a bit of play and a cuddle.

    (We can accommodate an additional dog  from the same household who walk loose lead together - $15.00 for the second dog)


    FUN on Hold - $30.00

    30 minutes spent easing your dog back into full mobility after being hurt or an operation.  If you have been given specific exercise instructions from your vet or specialist we can work with you to get your pal back up and running.

    Appointment FUN - $55.00 per hour

    We can pick up your dog, safely transport them to their appointment and drop them back home again. Your pooch will always get a reassuring cuddle. Any further appointment information and instructions will then be passed onto you.

    (This covers the return trip and attending the appointment.  All  information is passed onto you.  As we are not responsible for any bills associated with your dog's appointment you will need to arrange payment in full for the appointment beforehand and inform them that we're turning up with your dog.  The cost is per hour or part thereof.  Additional cost per kilometre may be applied).